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Started by intraman at 08-30-2010 13:21. Topic has 1 replies.


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   08-30-2010, 13:21
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List users in domain tree
I have a domain tree with root domain corp.dom and two child domains child1.corp.dom and child2.corp.dom. I want to list all users in all 3 domains on a single list. Any help on the proper Server: connection string and Group query string?
   12-12-2010, 10:32
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Re: List users in domain tree
Sorry about the delay, someone got past my spam blocking, and it's taken a huge amount of clean up to get rid of it.

The server connection simply needs to be a server that knows about all 3 domains.

The group query string is not too much more complicated. If you can generate a query for each of the 3 domains, you simply need to OR them together

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