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   07-25-2006, 3:47
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The First Hundred Million

Today I was listening to a teleseminar (BoostMyResponse) involving Gary Halbert.

During the call he said "Get a copy of 'The First Hundred Million' if you can find it"

So I went looking to find out more.

First I looked on Amazon: $2300 for the only copy they had listed.

Other places had copies (Xeroxed) for $500-$600

Eventually I found a couple of places with eBook versions (public domain derived) for a reasonable price:

Marketing Classics, and The First Hundred Million and grabbed a copy.

So, what is it anyway?

E Haldeman-Julius is the author.  He was a publisher in the 1920's selling books for 5 cents each (minimum of 20 in an order) postage included.  He sold 300 MILLION books in his life.  This book was released when he passed the 100 million mark.

The books were sold purely on the basis of category and title.  Listed in small type in advertising sections in newspapers.

Because of this, it is considered one of the great works on the psychology of headlines (titles).  It also seems to be a study in the American psyche.  But I'm only about 20 pages in so far.


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